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‘Ideas worth spreading’

‘Ideas worth spreading’ is the motto of the TED organisation, which started in the US in the 1980s and provides the format for many independently organised events worldwide. These TEDx events are self-organised by local groups, and one was run... Continue Reading →


Advent Imagery

There is a lot of symbolic imagery that accompanies the time of Advent and Christmas. Generally I like imagery that enhances a sense of occasion, particularly imagery that connects me to the spiritual and religious meanings of a celebration. However... Continue Reading →

Sight, Sound and Text in the History of Education

18-20 November 2016; Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern, Worcestershire The annual conferences for the UK and Australia-NZ History of Education societies were combined in 2016, hosted by HES UK in Great Malvern under the shadow of the Malvern hills near the... Continue Reading →

A gender neutral God?

Elizabeth Johnson discussed feminine perspectives of God in a book that greatly influenced me, She Who Is. It introduced me to feminist theological discourse and set out arguments that explained some of the discomfort I have with the patriarchal Catholic... Continue Reading →

Mary as the ideal Mother

I have a problem with the image of Mary as the ideal mother.  I’m sure I would have had no problem with the real, historical person of Mary, but I do have issues with the image that is presented to... Continue Reading →

Gender, Language, and the Theology of the Body

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Pope John Paul II presented to the world his work on the Theology of the Body, with particular reference to the theological significance of sexuality. Christopher West interpreted this for laypeople, to make... Continue Reading →

Having those difficult conversations

Some topics are difficult to discuss. Some topics are emotive and difficult to discuss rationally; and some topics are divisive and difficult to discuss with a large group. What are the options, then, for holding difficult discussions with large groups?... Continue Reading →

A winter uplift: Revitalising research relationships

Wellington turned on some awesome weather for this early childhood get-together on Friday 15th May 2015 - the day after flooding had totally disrupted the whole city. Unpredictable events, untameable weather. Yet it didn’t disrupt the kaupapa of the day, which... Continue Reading →

Language makes a difference: ACE Conference 2015

Ko te reo te taikura o te whakaaro mārama: Language is the key to understanding. This whakatauki/proverb sums up my major learning from this week’s Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa conference in Wellington, which I have put into a... Continue Reading →

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