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September 2014

Blogging and Shopping

If I go clothes shopping by myself, I’m hopeless! I walk into shops and have a look around and see nothing I like, and try and hide from the shop assistants who come to ask if they can help. After... Continue Reading →


Watch out Tamaki Makaurau – NCWNZ ladies are coming your way!

I am currently the Education Convenor for the National Council of Women NZ, and the biannual conference is being held in Auckland in a couple of weeks’ time, where I have put myself forward for re-election. NCWNZ’s website is Continue Reading →

Learning to ‘read’ all over again

I saw on Hana’s blog that she had used the same theme as me, but she had a cool picture with it. So I set out to include one on my blog – and I succeeded. But I think it... Continue Reading →

Cats doing research?

Thanks Damon Ellis, for this link to a Cat doing Research... Sure to get me readers!! 🙂  

Starting ideas

I told my almost 15-yr old son that I had to create a blog as part of the "23 Things for Research" course I'm doing with Auckland University.  He recommended that the blog should be about cats.  When I said... Continue Reading →

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