I told my almost 15-yr old son that I had to create a blog as part of the “23 Things for Research” course I’m doing with Auckland University.  He recommended that the blog should be about cats.  When I said that it should probably be about research, he said that more people are interested in cats than in research.  Good advice??  Maybe.  But this blog is not going to be about cats.  It will, however, contain references to my family because they are an important part of who I am.

I am a person who like to think about new ideas, who is concerned about social justice and making the world a better place, and I believe that being able to think differently about our world – questioning, being curious, not accepting status quo – is an important tool for change.  I’m always interested in discussing ideas with others, and can never get enough of this; I’m hoping this blog could be a part of connecting me with other ‘talkers’.  Slowly the information coming my way is convincing me that social media is the way to go.

My social media use is limited.  I use Facebook for some personal sharing, but get sick of hearing that people are tired and are about to go to bed.  It’s been very useful for connecting my geographically-spread wider family, especially recently when we’ve gone through a family crisis.  An example of what I think Facebook is valuable for is this brief conversation with my overseas-based brother – a conversation that would never happen otherwise:

Chess in Sudan

As for Twitter, I am still a newbie – an onlooker mostly.  I follow an eclectic mix of educationists, politicians, historians, scientists, friends and family, the Pope and the Dalai Lama (who actually tweet very similar messages, often on the same day).  Even at the beginning of this “23 Things” course, I can see that there is a lot more potential in this Twitter thing than I had realised.

The rest of social media … it’s out there, but I’m not a part of it.  Yet.


PS I’m looking forward to Steve’s individual welcome comment… I’m very impressed with your encouragements so far!