I saw on Hana’s blog that she had used the same theme as me, but she had a cool picture with it. So I set out to include one on my blog – and I succeeded. But I think it is interesting to reflect on how I did it, because it tells me about how I like to learn. Here are some of my thoughts:

Confidence (in this case). I knew it could be done, so I was just trying to find out how. This is different to, say, research, when one is trying to go beyond boundaries to find out about things that other people have not done/thought/tried.
Preparation. First I looked at Hana’s blog to see what I could find out, and noticed that someone had remarked on her ‘header’ – so I had a word that I could look for on menus etc.
Experiential. I looked for my word in different places, trying different screens, going back and forwards…
Tangents. I detoured, as Toni Bruce said in the blog Big Picture Sport, “disappeared down the rabbit hole”, finding other things that I wasn’t looking for but could be useful some time. This could be called procrastination (sometimes it is!), yet in this context I see it as additional and useful learning, and helpful to gain a fuller understanding of what I am about.
Help. I did actually look at a help screen at one point. Certainly not my first point of call. And I didn’t consider asking for help from someone else, because I was still doing my own learning and I didn’t want others to interfere.
Frustration. Why do I have to do everything several times, even when I am on the right track? When I get too annoyed, I run away for a while, come back another time.
Mastery. That’s too grand a word for simply achieving what I set out to do, but congratulating myself is a nice reward.

It occurs to me with this whole social media foray, that what is being learnt here is the academic literacies of this new genre. Since I’ve been working as an academic learning advisor I’ve become much more aware of how specific the academic conventions are to particular disciplines and fields, and how it is useful for these to be made explicit. In this “23 Things for Research” course, my goal is not just to learn a few terms that would be helpful, but to become literate in social media.

[I know that this is not a new idea, but it’s what I’ve been thinking about…]

And to finish, a cat-doing-research picture from the Pawcurious blog at http://pawcurious.com/2011/07/behold-the-power-of-the-internet-2/

Prof Pawsy doing research