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October 2014

Playcentre Past on Prezi

I have been a fan of Prezi for a few years now, with my first presentation at the ANZHES conference in Auckland in 2011. A revised (shortened) version of this presentation is embedded below, which was used at the NZARE... Continue Reading →


The never-ending story

I was a guest speaker recently at the New Zealand Career College (Wellington campus) graduation. My brief was to acknowledge their hard work and achievement, to be brief, and I gathered I was there to break up the proceedings, i.e.... Continue Reading →

Childhood stories enriched

In my last two posts I have been exploring childhood stories. So far, this exploration has centred on text – creative text, maybe, but still the written word. The potential of the electronic environment not being realised by using only... Continue Reading →

Childhood Stories

Telling the stories of our childhood is a concept that combines the ideas in my last two posts – Childhood Memories (reblogged from Marek’s blog) and Selective Storytelling. Jean Rath, in her 2012 Qualitative Inquiry article, uses a layered text... Continue Reading →

Childhoods and Memories

This blog entry from Marek’s blog is a recommendation for another blog on childhood memories. Personally I like the reference to the complexity of childhood, and how we can idealise it rather than see what is actually being experienced.


I like this blog. I have an interest in childhood and memory, and this is just one example of how we can explore childhood, and think about what childhood is, how it can be conceptualised, experienced and performed, how perhaps it is not just a time of cuteness and innocence and pink clothes. Anyhow, there is a layer of nutrition below the popcorn for sure.

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Selective Storytelling

The Web 2.0 allows us to tell our stories in new ways, but it doesn’t change the principles of storytelling. Our stories still need to be interesting and relevant or our audience stops listening. The stories are still told with... Continue Reading →

Views from different windows: comparing networking sites

There are many people in this world I would like to interact with. At different times and in different contexts, I want to interact with different people; but how to find the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time for my... Continue Reading →

Parallel Twitter Conference

Last weekend was the National Council of Women NZ’s Conference. For the first time, I was at a conference as a member of Twitter and with a computer in front of me (still haven’t got a smartphone of any type),... Continue Reading →

Why I returned my 2014 Lecturer of the Year (College of Business and Law) award

A University of Canterbury lecturer taking a stand… and in my opinion, increasing his mana.


Returning my Award Returning my Award

It is with deep regret that this morning I returned my Lecturer of the Year award for the College of Business and Law 2014. Before I tell you why I gave back this honour I want to assure you that these are my words and my words alone. I am writing this in my capacity as an academic who has the responsibility to be the critic and conscience of society. Unfortunately, the society in question is also where I work.

Now, to my reasons for returning my award. The University of Canterbury is a wonderful organisation and I have enjoyed my time here more than any other appointment I have had. I am supported in my teaching and research as well as have great friends here. However, there is an underbelly of hate that raises its head from time to time. My earliest experience of this came in…

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